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In 1997 and 1998, the productions of “K.I. from ‘Crime’,” “The Storm” and “Tatyana Repina” were included in the official program of the Avignon festival in France. All of these shows enjoyed tremendous success with critics, the press and the public.

The theater has twice participated in the BITEF Festival in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

  • “The Storm” took the grand prize in 1999 for innovative directing and best acting ensemble.
  • “K.I. from ‘Crime’” received the special critics’ award in 2000.
  • Shows from MTYuZ have been presented at the Kontakt international theater festival in Torun, Poland:

  • “The Black Monk” in 2001,
  • “The Lady with the Lapdog” in 2003 (winning the Polish Radio PIK award for Original Theatrical Form),
  • “Rothschild’s Fiddle” in 2005.
  • “K.I. from ‘Crime’” was a major event at the Paradise Lost international theater festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2002. In August 2003, the theater participated in the SummerScape international festival at Bard College in upstate New York.

    The shows of MTYuZ have performed at the following international festivals:

  • Hamburg, Germany, 1999 – “The Storm”;
  • The Christmas Meetings art festival in Novosibirsk, Russia, 1999 – “Tatyana Repina”;
  • The Life festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2000 – “The Black Monk”;
  • Mini Fest 2000, Rostov-on-Don, Russia – “Good-bye, America!!!”;
  • The Baltic Circle of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 2000 – “The Black Monk”;
  • GIFT, the Mikhail Tumanishvili Art Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia – “The Storm” and “K.I. from ‘Crime’” (1998), “The Black Monk” (2000), “K.I. from ‘Crime’” and “Witness for the Prosecution” (2002);
  • SETT 2000, Stuttgart, Germany – “Pushkin. Duel. Death”;
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 2000 – “K.I. from ‘Crime’”;
  • Voices of History festival, Vologda, Russia, 2001 – “Execution of the Decembrists”;
  • Festival Tampere, Finland, 2001 – “The Black Monk”;
  • Kunstfest, Weimar, Germany, 2001 – “The Black Monk”;
  • The Fall Festival, Rome, Italy, 2001 – “The Happy Prince”;
  • Russian Season, Helsinki, Finland – “The Happy Prince” (2002), “A Taste of Honey” and “Dreams of Exile” (2003);
  • The 5th international festival of Russian Art on the Azure Coast, Nice, France, 2003 – “Dreams of Exile”;
  • MESS 2004, the international Festival of Theater and Film, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Dreams of Exile”;
  • Spring of Lithuanian Theater festival, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2005 – “Rothschild’s Fiddle”;
  • International Festival of Art XV, Vitebsk, Belarus, 2005 – “Rothschild’s Fiddle”;
  • Ex Ponto, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005 – “Dreams of Exile”;
  • Real Theater, Nizhny-Novgorod, 2007 – “Rothschild’s Fiddle”;
  • Norilsk Season, Norilsk, Russia, 2007 – “Rothschild’s Fiddle”;
  • European Theater Festival, Sibiu, Romania, 2007 – “A Streetcar Named Desire”;
  • XI International Theater Festival, Bogota, Colombia, 2008 – “A Ridiculous Poem;
  • Rainbow festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2008 – “Roberto Zucco”;
  • Golden Onion festival, Samara, Russia, 2008 – “The Extraordinary Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn based on Mark Twain”;
  • International Theater Festival XVIII, Bucharest, Romania, 2008 – “A Ridiculous Poem” and “The Black Monk.”

  • MTYuZ is a perennial participant in the Baltic House international theater festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

  • “Pushkin. Duel. Death” and “The Golden Cockerel” (1999);
  • “The Black Monk” (2000);
  • “The Happy Prince” (2001);
  • “The Lady with the Lapdog” (2002);
  • “Dreams of Exile” and “Rothschild’s Fiddle” (2004).

  • Since 2004, the theater has annually toured Russia as a participant of the Golden Mask festival

  • “Ivanov and Others…” (Oryol 2004, Tyumen 2005);
  • “Rothschild’s Fiddle” (Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk 2005);
  • “A Streetcar Named Desire” (Yekaterinburg 2006, Omsk 2007);
  • “The Extraordinary Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn based on Mark Twain” (Chelyabinsk 2006).

  • In 2001 “Witness for the Prosecution” participated in the Seagull theater festival in Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk, Russia. “A Streetcar Named Desire” (2005) and “A Ridiculous Poem” (2007) were performed at the theater festival in the Siberian city of Khanty-Mansiisk.



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